Tips for Drawing Genderswapped Characters: Male to Female

I’ve been looking at a lot of comics fanart recently. Some good, some bad. But recently I’ve been looking at a lot of genderswapped art. It’s interesting to see how characters get reinterpreted when they are of the opposite sex.

After looking at all this fanart, I think I have discovered the rules which 90% of artists seem to follow when they draw male characters as female.

General Appearance

  • Avoid muscular women. Only men should be built like bodybuilders. Women should be built like supermodels.
  • The character must have big breasts. Even if they are a teenager.
  • No matter how ugly the character was when they were male, they must be conventionally attractive when they become female.
  • No overweight women allowed.
  • Eliminate or minimize all scars, deformities and blemishes.
  • Long hair is a must.


  • Make the outfit skimpier. At a minimum, their top should be unbuttoned enough to show off lots of cleavage.
  • If you don’t want to make their costume skimpier, make it so tight that it looks like it was painted on.
  • For best results, make the outfits skimpier and impossibly tight to maximize sex appeal.
  • Feminize the outfit with miniskirts, high heels and frilly underwear and/or a thong.

Drawing Action

  • Your character should have ripped clothing, but avoid blood and bruises.
  • Draw them with their arch-rival. If the arch-rival is male, genderswap him, too. Make sure they’re posed to show off a maximum amount of their sexy new bodies.
  • Better yet, forget the fighting and have them make-out. (Lesbians are hot!)

Remember, if any of the original personality survived the genderswap, you have done something horribly, horribly wrong!

I really hope no one thinks I’m being serious with this post.

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